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How Do I Host My Own eBay Gallery Images?

Hi Terry,
I really appreciate all that I have learned from your book, newsletter, etc.

I am hosting my own images in the listings. I still don’t understand how to a) host the Gallery Photo myself to avoid paying that listing fee. and b) how to remove the preview photo from the top of the listing which shows up automatically when I use the eBay Gallery photo feature.


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There are two selections with gallery images: Use Photo 1 and Gallery URL. Use Photo 1 is the default and means the first image you host with eBay will be used as the gallery image. Ebay doesn’t charge for the first photo so there is only an extra cost in time.

If you select Gallery URL, you need to insert the URL of your image into the form. When using this self hosted option, your images must be on your server BEFORE launching the auction. If you FTP your images to your server after you start your auctions, eBay won’t use them and your extra gallery fees are wasted.

The preview image shows up in some auctions on the top left beside the auction time and bids information. The preview image is part of eBay’s photo hosting. It’s photo 1, and included at no extra cost.

By hosting your own gallery images, you won’t have a photo 1, and won’t get a preview image.

One note about gallery images – If you use a gallery image and a subtitle it is always cheaper to use eBay’s Value Pack. The value pack is 65 cents and includes both the 35 cent gallery image and the 50 cent subtitle. You also get listing designer which is not worth using, but you’ll save 20 cents on each listing.


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