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Why Would A Seller Want To End His Ebay Auction Early?

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I’ve seen people end eBay auctions early. Why would they do this?

Margaret Bartram

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I’ve seen sellers end auctions early because they are afraid the item will sell too cheaply. My items get the majority of their bids in the last day. In fact, almost everything I sell is won by snipers. Most desirable items will get bid up to at least wholesale price.

Some sellers end auctions early because they are dry testing. Rather than purchasing items to sell, they list one, and then see if they are getting bids. This can be a great way to find out of there is enough demand for a product before acquiring inventory. The auctions are cancelled because the sellers don’t actually have something to sell.

When I was running an eBay consignment Business I frequently had the owners change their minds and decide to keep the item. This usually only happened in estates because one child hadn’t thought to tell the others he wanted something as a memento. That’s one of the reasons I charged a flat fee along with a percentage of the selling price.

Another reason for ending eBay auctions early is the item may have been damaged. When you have piles of things laying around, things get broken. Having a system and a dedicated room to store your eBay products will prevent this.

Sometimes eBay sellers sell items before the listing ends. You see a lot of this in the eBay Motors category. For collectibles, it is not uncommon for people to send unsolicited offers asking the seller to end his listing and sell it outside eBay. If you get one of these offers ignore it. You’ll almost always do better letting the auction end naturally.

A last possible reason for ending an auction early is a simple mistake in the eBay listing. I should have done this a few months ago. I had four model kits and didn’t realize an important part was missing. I added a note to the auction saying it was missing, but the buyer didn’t see it. It would have been easier for me to end the auction than deal with a buyer who thought I was trying to scam him.


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