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Why Won’t My Limited Edition Sell On eBay?

Hi Terry,

Three times now, I have tried to sell a small statue, exquisitely carved out of marble and resin, of the famous baseball player…Ty Cobb. I’ve written about him, I used an audio story and ofcourse the promotional sales copy. NOTHING!

The statue cost me $175.00 so I can’t sell it for less. It is numbered, museum packed with a framed letter of authenticity…so this is not junk…and will increase in value over time.

Someone told me that classy stuff doesn’t sell on eBay but this is Baseball Memorabilia! I simply don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Any advice?

Thanks much,

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I get this question or a variation of it a few times a week. I also get a few calls a week from people trying to sell me the limited edition train set they bought last year as an investment.

The sad truth here is these limited edition collectibles aren’t investments. They have little chance of increasing in value. The phrase “limited edition” is a marketing ploy designed to allow buyers to rationalize overpaying for something.

Sure some limited editions have gone up in value, but those are exceptions, and may not hold their inflated value.

My advice is to only buy limited editions if you like them. Never consider it an investment.

If you own some limited editions, and don’t enjoy them, sell them for whatever you can get. Take your loss and put the money to use elsewhere.


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