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When Does It Make Sense To Have An eBay Store?

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Hello Terry

Thank you for your very informative newsletter, it got me thinking about my own eBay enterprise.

May I ask you a question, I will understand if you don’t have time to reply.

I have been selling on eBay for about two years, I sell things of interest to a small niche market consisting of bookbinders, I think we are doing ok, we now list about 25 items regularly and have plans to expand considerably.

I have read your newsletter, and frankly learned quite a lot from them.

My question is this.

I like some aspects of running a store on eBay, in particular the lower listing fees. But I understand that store listings do not get the same exposure that ordinary auction listings do, and I am concerned that our sales will suddenly drop off if I open a store.

Any thoughts on this Terry?

Thank you.

Richard Norman

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An eBay store makes sense if you sell enough items to cover the costs. There’s an article about the quantities and dollar values of your sales that you need to cover the cost of the store at:

Does An eBay Store Make Sense For You?

Updated Nov, 2011

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