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What’s the Value of eBay Seller Protection Emails?

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Terry, I just got an email from eBay saying they’ve removed negative or neutral feedback from my account to protect my status. It shows they removed a negative, but I didn’t get any negatives last year. It also shows they removed low DSR ratings. What’s this mean?


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Dave is asking about eBay’s “Seller Protection Communication Emails.”

If you haven’t seen one, here’s the one eBay just sent me:

We have taken action to protect your account status
Hi Terry,

Thanks for being a great seller! As part of our ongoing support for sellers, based on our policies, we’ve taken actions to protect your hard-earned seller performance status. For transactions occurring between Mar 01, 2011 and Feb 29, 2012, we have:

  • Removed negative/neutral Feedback*: 1
  • Removed low detailed seller ratings*

  • Communication: 1
  • Shipping and handling charges: 1

Unfortunately, we can’t give specific details about these removals for confidentiality reasons.

Although we will not be able to adjust your performance status in every instance, in these particular situations we know it’s appropriate. You don’t have to do anything else to receive this protection.

I saw this earlier this week and was puzzled by it too. I had two eBay buyers leave negatives for me last year. When I got the seller protection email, I checked and both negatives were still on my feedback.

I don’t see that eBay has done anything other than claim to be helping us sellers. These emails have as much value as me claiming credit for not pulling my car up on the sidewalk and hitting a pedestrian.

EBay says they are being “proactive” and these seller protection emails are there way of letting us sellers know they have our backs.

To me this is just an attempt by eBay to lower dissatisfaction of sellers who pay attention to these metrics without actually doing anything.

When eBay first started the Detailed Seller ratings program, I tried a few ways to push my numbers up. Nothing I did had any effect.

So rather than get upset about something I couldn’t control, I raised my shipping prices. Now I enjoy a little extra profit, and don’t pay attention to the DSR numbers.

Here’s a link to my current Detailed Seller Ratings advice.


PS Don’t forget to thank eBay support for making the sun rise today. If it’s a cloudy day, you can thank them for the moisture. We know they work hard for us.

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