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What’s The eBay Tracking Software You Mentioned?

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What’s the eBay tracking software you recently mentioned in your newsletter? You said it would allow us to see how people find our auctions, and tell where our buyers came from.

Ron W.

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The Sellathon tracker will tell you exactly how people get into your auctions and which ones are buying.

It will not only answer questions you have about who’s visiting your auctions and bidding, but help you come up with new questions.

I am a strong believer in collecting data. The more data you have, the better your answers will be.

Sellathon is about $5.00 a month. You don’t need to subscribe to it for ever, just long enough to get an idea of what’s happening within your listings.

I suggest running the Sellathon tracker for a few months and looking at the results every week. After about six weeks, you’ll see patterns. These patterns will show you how to improve your sales.

For example if you see people coming in and buying items after doing a title AND description search for words that aren’t in your title, you’ll know to add those words to your title. Most people search just titles so knowing what words to use in your title is important.


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