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What’s the best size picture to use in my eBay auctions?

Denise asks, “I host my pictures on my own site according to your free report on eBay images, but am unsure what size picture I should use in my eBay Auctions. Can you share some tips?”

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The pictures in your eBay auctions need to show the item well enough to let the bidders know what they are buying. I use images that are 600 pixels wide in my listings. The software sets the height of the images based on keeping the ratio.

I use close ups as needed of areas that I need to show my buyers, but generally just show overall images.

Any image you use in your auctions should be less than 100KB in file size. This is because using larger sized files will slow down the loading of your images.


PS The report Denise mentioned is available for free at eBay Images Made Easy

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