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What Happened To Gary Hendrickson?

Hi Terry,

I’m trying to contact the web site of Gary Hendrickson.

He wrote an ebook on selling books on that I am
interested in. I had his offer on my favorites file but it was some
time ago.

Please advise — I will appreciate it. — Johnnie Price

* * * * *
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Gary’s site was the auction rebel. He died in 2009, and his family took the site down. Some one else bought the rights to Gary’s book about so it’s currently available.

I don’t know if it’s been updated recently, but people who buy it from my affiliate link and seldom ask for refunds so it must be suiting their needs.

There’s a link to Gary’s report on my review page.

I also have a free report written by Gary called the Cherry Picking guide you can download here on

I also have a low priced interview I did with Gary about buying antiques in stores and malls


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