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What Do I Need To Sell On eBay?

Terry, I’ve been collecting antiques for decades and now I want to start selling some of my collection on eBay. What do I need to sell on eBay and how do I get started?


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To get started selling on eBay you probably don’t need to buy anything. Here’s a list of the programs and gadgets you’ll need:

  1. A computer with internet access.

  2. A digital camera that will take quality pictures. The best cameras to use include macro settings that allow you to take nice close-up photos. This is usually denoted by a flower icon in the camera’s menu options. To make it easier to get the photos into your computer you should get a camera with a removable memory card and a USB card reader.

    I use a Nikon Coolpix that was about $125 with a larger memory card and the USB reader at Best Buy. I’ve used it for years, and only have two complaints about it:

    1. It only takes batteries, there is no external power option. This keeps me from stepping on the cord, but costs me about $5 a year in batteries. (Dollar stores have really cheap batteries.)

    2. It has a long cycle time for taking pictures. There is about 2 seconds from when I push the button to when the picture is snapped. Then it takes about 5 seconds to save the image. I never noticed this when I was just using the camera for eBay photos because I’d take a shot, and then move the item before taking another one. Since I got the puppy and started taking pictures of her, I’ve found the Coolpix too slow. It still works good for eBay though.

  3. You’ll need a photo editing program. There are a number of free ones available. I have a free report that explains how to use XnView.

  4. You’ll need an FTP program and webspace to host your pictures. This is also explained in the free report about photo editing.

  5. You’ll need a PayPal account. I’ve listed this before the eBay account because you need to link your PayPal and eBay accounts.

  6. You’ll need an eBay account.

  7. Lastly, you’ll need some packing supplies. The Post Office supplies free Priority Mail boxes and labels. You can order them online, or pick them up at your local post office. Subway stores and many schools have dumpsters filled with cardboard boxes of different sizes.

    Warning: NEVER look for boxes in dumpsters behind sushi restaurants. Subway has a recycling program so they have special dumpsters for the cardboard. They also have lots of small and medium sized boxes. Bridal stores are a good source of large shallow boxes to ship things like paintings.

    If you buy peanuts or other packaging supplies, go to a packaging supply house rather than on office supply store or storage rental place. The difference in cost is huge. Look in the phone book for packaging supplies.

There is free report here on IWantCollectibles called “Getting Started on Selling eBay.” Here’s a link.

The free report suggests beginning by selling cheaper unwanted items. This way if you make mistakes they won’t be very costly. Start with this free report.

My free newsletter will keep you informed of eBay changes and help you improve your selling.

Here’s a list of all eBay articles on ordered so by reading them, you’ll get a good free educatation.

If you’re serious about doing eBay, reading the Auction Revolution will get you up to speed quickly. You’ll learn a complete a step-by-step system for selling on eBay. The book will help you save time while avoiding costly selling mistakes.

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