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Ways Affiliates Can Promote The EBay Partner Network

Hello, I came across your site and I’ve been trying to join the eBay partner network and they wanted me to list the different ways that I plan on promoting my site. Could you recommend what promotional techniques that would be accepted by ebay partner network. I would really appreciate any advice that you could offfer.
Calvin Walton

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There are a number of ways to promote the eBay partner network. EPN is eBay’s affiliate program. EBay pays per click that you send them. Usually this is between 3 and 20 cents per click.

You can send people directly to eBay listings, to category listings and to the main eBay page. The closest you get people to a purchase the higher the payment from eBay.

EBay also restricts affiliates from posting links on sites they do not own. For example, you cannot post your link on Facebook, or run Google ads that directly point to eBay. You need to have a website that contains your links to eBay.

Now for some ways to promote the eBay Partner Network

  1. Post links on your website to ebay auctions to lists of specific products for sale. I do this on my toy train site with text like this: Click here to see a list of all of these trains on eBay.

  2. Use a program to feed actual live eBay listings into your web page based on keywords selected when you wrote the article. See my article on blogging for eBay for tips about this.

  3. Give away or sell software that helps people find items on eBay. I used to do this, but eBay’s near constant changes caused too much work updating the software. (This is not something you start out doing and telling eBay you’re planning on using software to promote auction the approval process will be more difficult.

  4. Set up a page on your website with affiliate links to your current auctions. This is easy to do with eBay’s RSS feed generator and a RSS to HTML parser.

  5. Build or buy a script that will search for misspelled auctions on eBay. This used to be quite popular, but is a pretty much dead market now.

  6. Send links to specific eBay auctions to your newsletter subscribers. (The links must be redirected through your website to meet eBay’s rules.) This is also something you shouldn’t tell eBay your planning on doing in the approval process.

  7. Use any of the affiliate tools provided by eBay.


PS Here’s ways to promote eBay Auctions and Websites

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