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Should I Have Different eBay Accounts For Different Categories?

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Terry, I sell different types of goods on eBay. Should I set up different selling accounts for each category of stuff sold?

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I assume you’re asking this question because you want to make it easier for buyers to find additional related items you have listed on eBay because I don’t see any other reason for asking the question.

If the number of items you have listed on eBay at any one time is fewer than 50 or 100, one account is fine. I looked at an auction last night, and then clicked on the view sellers other items link to find out what else he had. He had 5600 listings on eBay, so I gave up. I’m not going to scroll through pages of items to see if there are related items I might want. (Know I can search the sellers items, but most buyers don’t, and I’ve found that to be a waste of time because many sellers don’t use proper keywords.)

If you’re selling lots of stuff on eBay a store will probably save you money. See does an eBay store make sense. With an eBay store, you can categorize your items and then put a link to the specific category within your auction description.

Categorize items while you list them into categories you create within your eBay store. Then get the link for your auction template by going to your store and clicking on that category.

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