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Optimising eBay Auctions For Search Engines Like Google

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If I use search engine opt. techniques in my auction listing will that get me listed on search engines like Google?

Pat Carmody

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Note: Featured auctions are no longer offered by eBay. Today if you run a fixed price listing within an eBay store for multiple items that automatically renews, you might end up in search results on Google. Otherwise, your chances are very slim.

I just got an email from Jim Cockrum last week that covered this topic.

Jim says if you use the keywords you are targeting in the title, and use the featured option, your auctions will show up in the top results on Google.

I haven’t tried this out yet, but I have seen some eBay auctions listed on Google and all are featured auctions. This is probably happening because of the links on the eBay main page.

A note here. Most of the ones I’ve seen are for keywords without intense competition.

I don’t know if it’s worth paying the forty dollar fee to be listed at the top of Google for a few days. Depends on what you are selling.

I’ll have to test it and find out.


How To Use eBay Listing Upgrades And Options Efficiently.

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