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Open An eBay Store or Build A Website?

I have an eBay store. I feel like I pay more in fees than make any money. Is it more important to have an eBay store or have your own website?

Thanks for your help.


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There are some cases when an eBay store makes sense. See
Does An eBay Store Make Sense For You? for a longer article.

In every case, you should also have your own website. Having your own site allows you to build a newsletter list, make sales without paying eBay fees, and generate traffic through search engines.

One important note here. I’ve heard many times about people who bought ready made websites. Some of these sites come loaded with products supplied by a drop shipper, others have articles and affiliate links. These sites are almost never worth the money. I say almost because if you have an existing stream of visitors, these sites can generate profits.


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