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Is eBay Becoming More Open to Small Sellers?

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Hi! I’m starting to get mail from eBay begging me to come and sell stuff. Basically, you could
sum it up this way: “Jump in! The water’s fine!” I don’t remember ever getting anything like this from them before.

After years of doing everything possible to drive individual sellers away (and watching many of them flock over to Amazon), has eBay changed its tune – and if so, is this being translated into any real shifts in eBay fees or their repressive policies?


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I think eBay has been sending these messages out for years. My guess is you’ve gone long enough without selling something to get invitations to come back.

To answer your question about is eBay more open to smaller sellers, the quick answer is no.

A deeper answer is eBay is making it easier to list and sell things on the site, but is trying to make all sellers adopt the same policies.

Brian used the word “individuals” to describe small sellers. With The 2012 Spring Seller Update eBay is forcing more sellers to confirm to their decided actions. EBay doesn’t want sellers who do things their own way.


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