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International Buyer Asks for Shipping To Freind in USA.

Roberta sent in this question: “I have an eBay Buyer in Germany who is asking me to Ship the package to his friend in New York so he can save on shipping. Should I send it to New York or Germany?”

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There are actually two answers depending on how the buyer paid.

If he paid with any form of payment other than PayPal, ship it to New York. The buyer cannot do a chargeback on a money order, or bank transfer so you’re OK. If it was a credit card payment through your own merchant account, make sure the order has the NY address in the ship to field to give you evidence in case of a chargeback.

If the buyer paid with PayPal, check to see if the NY address is connected with his PayPal account. If only the German address is listed on the PayPal account ask the buyer to add the NY address to his PayPal account.

PayPal and eBay will refund the buyer’s money on items iyou cannot proove were delivered to the buyer’s PayPal address. Items selling for more than $250 need signature confirmation – the brown confirmation forms at the Post Office. Items selling for less than $250 don’t need signatures, so you can use the cheaper green delivery confirmation Post Office forms. If you ship with another carrier, you can require signature confirmation at no extra cost.

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