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I Lost The Delivery Confirmation Number And Need To Prove The Package Was Delivered.

Dorothy sent this question: “I shipped a package to an eBay Buyer and used delivery confirmation. Now the buyer is claiming he didn’t get the package, and PayPal says they refund his money if I don’t provide them with a tracking number that confirms delivery. What can I do?”

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I had this problem a few years ago. The delivery confirmation slips blew out of my convertible on the way home from the post office. It’s rare to have problems with buyers complaining about not getting their eBay purchases so I decided not to go back and get the slips that were blowing all over the road during evening rush hour.

Sadly, like you, I had a buyer complain a week later and didn’t have the tracking number.

I went back to the Post Office and told them when I had done the transaction and at what counter position. The clerk at the Post Office was able to create a copy of the receipt for me. They didn’t do it immediately, I had to go back and pick it up the next day. The receipt has the tracking numbers. I think they could only find the receipt because I’d used a debit card to pay but if you paid cash, you should still ask.

If you cannot get the Post Office to give you a copy of the receipt, you still might be able to find the tracking number. Depending on how many items you ship it might even take less work.

You see, the tracking forms are numbered and stacked in order. If you’re like me and pull a form off the top of the stack, you can find tracking numbers by subtracting 1 from the number at the top of your stack of forms and entering the number in on The PO website. Just keep working downwards until you get a result that matches the address where you shipped the box.

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