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How To Find Estate Sales?

Terry, I have your book on getting into estate sales early, but have problems finding the sales. Can you give me some tips on finding estate sales?


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Here’s some ways to find estate sales:

  1. Just drive around on Friday and Saturday looking for signs. If you go to yard sales, you’ll surely see signs for estate sales too.
  2. Look in your local paper’s classifieds. Many papers have sections for estate sales. you might also find them listed in the yard sale or antiques category.
  3. Look on Craigslist. Many Craigslist posts don’t contain much information so you’ll want to search for sales in addition to specific items.
  4. Use a site like This site shows lists of estate sales within a radius of your location. They are in order by date, and many of the sale postings have detailed photos you can browse through. While the list of sales on has a photo icon to show photos, many of the posts without the icon have links to sites with pictures. The site also will send you emails for upcoming sales, but they send far too many under the default. You can change it so the system will only send you one email a week by clicking on the “Change Subscription Options” link at the bottom of the emails.
  5. Another site listing sales is (Note the one above is .net, this one is .org.) This site is similar to the one above, but has an easier to use email sign up feature where you can tell it when to notify you of sales. also lets you specify keywords for items you want when you subscribe so they can send you emails when sales with those items are listed. This site also pulls estate sales listed on Craigslist into their lists so you can save time by only visiting the one site.
  6. is another site that lists estate sales, but seems to just be sales pulled from Craigslist. They have no email options, and aren’t worth the time if the other two sites cover your area.
  7. When you’re at an estate sale ask to be put on their mailing list. Some operators don’t have mailing lists, but many do. This is something you should always do as it increases your chances of building a relationship with the operator. If you have questions about a sale, always respond to the company’s email if that’s an option.

There’s 7 ways to find estate sales in your area. You’ll want to use more than one method.

Also, if you subscribe to email notices you’re better off going to the sites and searching rather than clicking from within the emails.


PS. Robert is referring to Get Into Estate Sales Early For The Best Deals which will teach you how to build relationships with estate sale operators so they call you when they get things you want.

PPS. Negotiating When Buying Antiques and Collectibles is a low cost interview that will help you get better prices no matter where you buy items.

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