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How do I stop eBay displaying listings from other sellers in my listings?

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EBay has started listing similar items from other sellers in my listings. I think this is costing me sales. How do I stop this?

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You can opt out of cross promotions, but eBay may or may not pay any attention to your choice. It’s a simple process so go ahead and do it, and, if eBay does pay attention to your wishes, you won’t have other sellers items appearing in your listings. If eBay ignores your wishes, you’ve only wasted a few minutes.

Here’s the process:

Log in to your eBay account. Then click into “Site Preferences.”

Scroll down the list to
“Promoting Similar Items on eBay Pages and Emails” and select show.

This will bring up a message saying “These preferences have been moved to Marketing Tools.” Click on the Marketing Tools link.

On the Marketing Tools summary page look for Cross Promotion, and click on edit by Settings, then click on the radio button beside “Do not cross-promote my items.”

This should stop other people’s listings from appearing within your listings. It may not because eBay seems to be changing their rules.

Oddly, the cross promotion page says “Note: Other sellers’ items will not be cross-promoted in your listings.” But, on the page explaining cross promotions eBay says “In addition, other sellers’ listings may be displayed on your pages.”

Note: This will not stop eBay from showing most watched items at the bottom of your active listings, or similar items at the top of your ended listings.

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