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How Do I Limit eBay Searches To Certain Decades?

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I want to search eBay for certain magazines published earlier than 1930. I have not figured out how to do this. Do you have any tips for this?


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Use the magazine title and 192* to find magazines from the twenties. For the teens do the title and 191*. In this use the asterisk is called a wild card.

I don’t know the name of a magazine from the twenties so I’ll use Life Magazine as an example.

Life Magazine 193* will give you all eBay Auctions with Life magazines from the nineteen-thirties. Depending on the name of the magazine you might need to limit your results with the word magazine.

You can also pair decades like this:

Life Magazine (193*, 194*) will give you all eBay Auctions with Life magazines from the nineteen-thirties and forties.

You need the comma and the parenthesis. You can add more decades, like this (193*, 194*, 195*).


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