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How Do I Get Thrift Stores To Let Me Do eBay Consignment?

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I read your ebay consignment e-book. I’m finding a lot of good information in it.

I like the idea of going into Thrift stores to sell their items. My wife brought up an interesting question. If I list an item to sell for them, I’m assuming they would have to take it off the shelf so it won’t sell while it’s being listed. My concern is that they may not like the idea, especially if it doesn’t sell while listed, seeing that they may had the opportunity to sell it while it was listed.

Any ideas on how to handle that? Does ebay let you remove an item if it sells to someone else while it’s listed, thinking the store may want to leave the item on the shelf?

Thanks for any answer,

John Smargiassi

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While you can end an auction early on eBay and cancel all the bids, I STRONGLY suggest you sell nothing unless you have it in your possession.

The consignment manual explains how to talk people into letting you take items.

I think the book also mentions working within the store as a contractor.

Back when I wrote the eBay consignment book I knew a woman who worked in a pawn shop. They gave her a little area to work in, and she did all the listing, packing and email chores. They took care of paying fees and collecting payment. She got a percentage of all the sales. Once she listed an item it was no longer for sale in the store.

Here’s a series on Starting an eBay Consignment Business.

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