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How Do I Get Started Selling Stuff On eBay?

Tom asks, “I have a lot of stuff around the house that I no longer want. How do I get started selling this stuff on eBay?”

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How do I get started selling stuff on eBay is a common question. Selling unwanted stuff is the way to start. Stuff you would have given to Goodwill or thrown out.

I wrote a long article about this called Learn How To Sell On eBay, so I’ll only put some basic comments with links to relevant articles here.

First you’ll need to open an eBay account.

Next you’ll need to be able to take photos for your listings. Here’s a free report on pictures for eBay.

You’ll need a PayPal account. You should always type into your browser’s address bar when going to PayPal to prevent scammers from taking over your account so I won’t put a link here.

You’ll need some packing materials. Here’s an article on Packing eBay Items With Paper

Here’s an article on shipping for eBay sellers.

Those articles will get you started selling stuff on eBay. If you need more information, here are some free eBay books.


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