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How Do I Get Started Selling On eBay?

I am new in eBay business and have just registered. I am stuck because I do not know what is next or what is expected from me to move to the next step.

I want you to be my mentor and take me step-by-step in the new business until you see that I have identified the best items from ebay listing for relisting, how to list and categorise the items, how to set prices, how to sell at the very best prices, and how I will be paid without spending a penny.


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Are common eBay selling mistakes costing you money? This short quiz will help you earn more money in your eBay auctions.
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I don’t do personal mentoring or coaching, and based on my experience, most people don’t need it. Most new eBay sellers just need to get started.

Start by selling unwanted items from around your house. This is explained in the free interview Getting Started On eBay. The interview designed to get your first few listings onto eBay.

A list of items you might find in your home that will bring surprising amounts is in the free report
961 items that will bring high prices on eBay.

As you sell items on eBay you’ll learn about your likes and dislikes. You’ll spot areas where you need help or advice. Most importantly, you’ll build confidence and momentum.

It’s your eBay business. No one can design it for you. It must be based on your strengths. You can learn from others, but the idea is not to copy directly what others do, but to discover things you will add to your business.

My business has changed a lot over the years as I learned more about myself.
Read the free reports and start selling cheap unwanted items you’d give to thrift stores, and start becoming aware of ways to find products to sell on eBay.

Here’s a page listing all my articles about finding eBay Products. That page is written so when you’ve read a few articles you’ll be more aware of eBay product possibilities. (Start with the two articles about PEOPLE, then read based on your interest)


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