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How do I get PayPal to tell me the shipping type?

I sell on eBay and ship with both Priority mail and Parcel post. The payment emails from PayPal don’t tell me what shipping service I selected when I listed the item on eBay. This means I have to look at ebay to find out the shipping service. Is there a way to get PayPal to tell me the shipping type?


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Like you, I ship my eBay sales by either parcel post or Priority mail. PayPal doesn’t tell us what the shipping service is so all items sent by Priority Mail have shipping charges ending with 6 cents or higher. Items sent by parcel post will have quoted postage fees ending with 5 cents or lower.

This way I can just look at the postage – $12.34 is parcel post, $13.97 is priority mail. Because I enter the shipping cost when I write the descriptions and select the shipping service, this doesn’t add any time to my listing chores but saves me time selecting the right label to use.

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