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How Do I Find New Products To Sell On EBay?


First and foremost, you are awesome and your information is priceless. I, for one, will always read your newsletter.

I do have a question as per YOUR request:

There has been many subjects written on the subject of finding a product line and/or niche market and using one of the wholesale supply directories to drop ship them. It just seems that the other sellers on eBay have lower priced sources.

My question is, do you have or know of a REAL resource that can actually walk one through the entire process once of finding eBay products?

Terry, can you guide us as to what/where and how to go about finding products to sell on eBay??

Thanks and God Bless,

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I do not do drop shipping and I think it is the wrong way to go. It’s just too competitive. The big problem with drop shipping is there are too many people out there trying to compete only on price.

You say the other sellers have lower cost sources. I doubt that is true. I think those sellers are selling for close to their cost and making little money. Few of them make any money, but there is a constant stream of new people, so it looks attractive.

If you want to sell new products you need to concentrate on items others are not selling. You need to find sources other sellers are unaware of. That is not hard to do.

There are articles here on IWantCollectibles about finding new products. Here’s a list of a few of them:

Available Reports

Here’s a link to All articles about Finding eBay Products.

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