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How Do I Create A Link To My Other Auctions?

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How do I create a link to my other eBay auctions?

Ana-Maria C.

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Here’s two variations of links:

<a href=””>Link To My Other Auctions</a>

Adding target=”_blank” causes the link to open in a new window

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Link To My Other Auctions</a>

Just copy and paste the links above – the second link that opens in a new window is better choice – into your eBay template. Replace YOUREBAYNAMEHERE with your eBay name in the two examples below to create links to your other eBay auctions.

You have to paste the links into the HTML View tab because the link won’t work if you use the Design View tab.

You can also get the entire link by clicking on the “View seller’s other items” link in any of your auctions and then copying and pasting the link within the quotation marks.

For best results mention you offer a discount on shipping adjacent to the link to your other auctions.

One last note – You cannot have your list items in your other auctions within your descriptions that aren’t relevant. Ebay considers this keyword spamming. For example if you were selling a Madame Alexander doll, you cannot put text in your auctions saying see my other auctions for a neat old Victrola.


PS if you want to center your link to other auctions do it like this:

<center><a href=”” target=”_blank”>Link To My Other Auctions</a></center>

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