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How Can I Tell How Many Free Listings I Have Left?

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Bill asks, eBay gives me 50 free auction listings a month, then charges insertion fees for the rest. How can I tell how many free listings I have left so I can keep my fees down?

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Your “My eBay All Selling Page” will show you how many listings you’ve done in the current month.

Log into eBay, then click on the My eBay link. Then click on All Selling in the left column. Then look at your items sold lists and make sure you have the drop down menu set to “Current Month.”

If you use the Sell Your Item form on eBay it will tell you when you are getting a free listing near the end of the listing process.

One note here. . . If you open an ebay store, you’ll pay insertion fees on all your listings, but have lower final value fees on some listings. Depending on how many items you sell, and their values, you might save money with a store. Here’s a page to help you decide if a store is right for you.

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