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How Can I Profit From eBay Auction Viewers?

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Walter asks,
I’ve heard there are ways to profit from eBay shoppers who do not win my auctions. How do I profit from people who don’t buy from me on eBay?

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When I first started selling on eBay, you could put a link to your website in your auction. I wanted to get people to come to my website from within my auctions because this was very profitable.

You see, on eBay I had competition with other sellers, but on my website, I could take my time, and really go into detail and build a relationship.

This is very important. People look at an eBay auction and then move on to other listings. On your website, people will view a series of your pages. This builds your credibility.

It adds trust.

By getting eBay auction viewers to go to my website, I was driving a lot of traffic to my site. I was able to profit from the eBay auction viewer. In fact during 1999, over 75 percent of the people who came to my website came from my eBay auction.

A few years ago, eBay changed the rules and made me stop linking directly to my sites in my auctions. The eBay rule change cost me much of my website traffic.

I needed to find a new way to get people from my auctions to my website without violating eBay’s rules. I started giving away an ebook about selling on eBay within my auctions.

This worked pretty well. I got people to come to my website and sign up for my emailed newsletter.

A few months ago, I started giving away an eBay Buyer’s Guide. A simple 16 page report teaching the reader how to search on eBay so he can find the best deals, and how to avoid being victimized by crooks.

The eBay Buyer’s Guide worked better than the How To Sell On eBay book I originally gave away. Some of my subscribers asked me if they could give away copies of the buyer’s guide.

So I set up a page where anyone can create a personalized buyer’s guide. Even better, the guide contains links to IWantCollectibles and my other eBay site – Auction Revolution, and pays you when people use the links to purchase my other books.

If you are interested in getting eBay shoppers to leave eBay and visit your website, you can create your own eBay guides. The buying guide seems to work better on eBay, but you might want to try a selling guide if your auctions are geared towards other eBay sellers.

Here is a page of information telling you exactly how I move auction viewers to my websites. eBay Me Page Profits

Create your Personalized Buyer Guide Here


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