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How Can I Compete With Low Priced eBay Sellers?

I have built up an eBay business over the last year selling baby items. I also sell baby jewelry and a particular brand of diamond baby jewelry. However there is one seller who lists loads of the same jewelry very cheaply – I can’t imagine she is making any money as she lists loads at a time very cheaply and I know the wholesale cost.
Anyway because she is so cheap buyers go to her

Any suggestions as to what I can do to poach these buyers


PS. Although I am in England many of the principles you teach can equally apply here and I have learnt a lot from you.

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A quick suggestion is to sell items as loss leaders and then talk the buyers into buying an additional item with a higher profit. For example, sell a necklace, and then offer a matching set of earrings.

You’ll have to test to find out what language works best, and what introductory products result in the highest number of people adding the second item to their order.

Something along the lines of “I know you are going to be happy with the necklace. I also have matching earrings available for only $XX.XX. If you would like to add the earrings to your order, I’ll give you an extra $X off and ship them in the same package so you won’t pay additional shipping.”

Alternately, you could say, “Many people who buy this necklace later come back and buy the matching earrings.” Then tell them you will give them a discount on the earrings if they add them to their order.

Make this offer in the check out process.


PS I’d also have a friend or relative buy something from your competitor to see what offers if any she is making.

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