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Hosting eBay Images on Yahoo

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I have been trying to work on hosting my own pictures. I am not having success. I have unlimited storage at Yahoo and I have loaded my pictures as I usually do. However I cannot seem to find a way to get them onto eBay. I cannot find the URL to use. Maybe I am doing it wrong. Do I need to load these onto Yahoo differently than I do my normal pictures? Or maybe Yahoo does not allow this? Any help you can give me is appreciated. I am really excited to try this, but am getting discouraged.


Shari Salzman

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Yahoo is probably blocking the pictures from appearing on outside sites. Many sites do this. I know Geocities blocks images from loading on outside sites, and Yahoo owns Geocities.

Chances are your ISP provides you with storage space for images. If not, you can buy a site from with more than enough space for under $2.00 a month. You’ll also need to buy a domain name for your site. Godaddy offers domains for $8.95 a year.

Going this route will also allow you to jump from eBay sales to building your own website.

eBay Images Made Easy explains hosting your own images. Even better it shows you how to use free programs.


See also: 23 Tips For Taking Better eBay Pictures.

How To Add Free Pictures To eBay.

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