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Has Selling On eBay Become A Nightmare?

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Joseph writes:

It seems like every year eBay makes it harder for small sellers like me to sell on eBay. It’s become a nightmare navigating the minefield of eBay rules and fees.

How do we make this nightmare easier?

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Every time eBay makes changes we hear sellers claiming eBay’s fee increase is a nightmare. The truth is we just incorporate the changes into the ways we run our businesses and go on.

Sadly some have to complain a bit and maybe call for boycotts, but these are just distractions.

Concentrate on what you do best – sourcing products your buyers want, and pay attention to eBay changes so you know how to work within them.

See dealing with eBay changes for information on surviving the latest changes.


PS. I’ve been selling on eBay since 1997. It’s actually easier to sell on eBay today than it was then. There were fewer tools, and a steeper learning curve.

Note that while it’s easier today to sell on eBay it’s also easier to waste money on unneeded eBay fees. Back then eBay emailed an invoice, and I’d send them a check every month. This allowed me to see exactly what I was paying.

Today it’s just an email saying eBay will hit my credit card for an amount. To see what I’m paying I need to go online and dig into my account. I doubt many sellers take the time.

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