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eBay Seller Doesn’t Deliver Purchase

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I had my 1st dud deal on ebay this week. Bought an item, paid via direct deposit, not received and now the seller is no longer a registered user. Ebay gave me a disconnected mobile phone number for them. Any suggestions?

Thank you so very much I am sure you must get bombarded with questions. I greatly appreciate your time.

Kindest regards,

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You should file a complaint with eBay through the Report an Item Not Received Form. That’s the first step in eBay’s buyer protection program.

After going through the dispute process eBay may give you up to $200 of your purchase price less a $25 fee. Since you used direct deposit they might refuse to pay you, but the program details only prohibit wire transfers.

Details about eBay’s buyer protection program can be found here.

You should never pay for an item with a direct bank transfer. This gives you no protection against scammers. Try to use PayPal or a credit card. A credit card is always better because your bank will help you in any dispute. PayPal will only refund your money up to the amount in the seller’s account. If the seller has moved on and the account is empty, you get nothing.


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