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Do You Have A List Of Successul Drop Shippers?

Hi Terry,

I find your articles quite fascinating and well researched.

I am a collector of bank notes (Indian) and have started selling duplicates on I also buy them and resell to finance my collection.

The recent article on drop ship sales on ebay has got my mind thinking. I’m not looking for any great, instant success stories, just something to keep me busy. I wonder if you have a list of drop ship sellers who can be approached or their site visited to understand this line better.

Thanks, and keep sending those emails


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Pawan is referring to my article on why drop shippers fail.

His question is a good example of why so many people get caught up in the empty promise of dropshipping. The article is about the myths of dropshipping with an example of a successful drop shipper as a contrast to the multitudes who fail.

In the successful example, the eBay seller lists items made by a local manufacturer on eBay and the maker ships them when he gets a sale. While this is dropshipping, it’s more reliant on the relationship between the eBay seller and the manufacturer than anything else. Drop shipping is just the way the deal is structured.

The successful seller could also be listing the items on eBay, then going over and picking up the items to ship them when he gets a sale. This is actually how he started.

But, picking the items up from the local manufacturer wouldn’t be drop shipping. It would be buying things wholesale and then selling them on eBay.

It would also be accurate to call this eBay consignment where the same few products are sold over and over again without the seller handling them.

While these arrangements seem like something for nothing, they’re really relationship based. It’s about helping the manufacturers reach audiences they otherwise wouldn’t be able to sell to.

The key is the relationship. From that comes the sales arrangement.

Who do you know or who can you meet that you can set up an arrangement with?

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