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Do eBay Store Owners Pay Reserve Fees?

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In your recent article about eBay stores, you mention store owners don’t pay reserve fees. It is my understanding that as a store subscriber reserve fees are NOT waived. Please confirm this as I do not see any fee waiver associated with having a store.

Love your articles.


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Scott, You seem to be correct. There is no mention of reserve fees on the eBay store fees page. The only mention of reserves on that page is that they are used to decide the insertion fee.

However, there is a section about reserve fees on the non store owner’s page.

This led me to conclude store owners don’t pay reserve fees, but I didn’t test this conclusion. I assumed eBay would explain all the fees for store owners.

To test my conclusion, I created an auction in a eBay store account with a reserve to check the fees. EBay showed a $2.50 insertion fee for an auction with a 99 cent opening bid and a reserve of $24.99. Without a reserve fee the insertion fee is 50 cents so they are CERTAINLY charging store owners reserve fees.

I was wrong. I could blame my mistake on eBay’s misleading fees schedule pages, but I should have tested it.

Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll update my article about eBay store fees.

PS I contacted eBay support to settle this question. The transcript of the chat session is below:

Jerriz G.: Thank you for contacting eBay Live Help and we do apologize for the long wait. My name is Jerriz. May I please have your first name?

Terry: Terry

Jerriz G.: How can I help you today?

Terry: Do eBay store owners pay reserve fees or just pay higher insertion fees based on the reserve price?

Jerriz G.: I’m glad you contacted us regarding this concern and I’ll be happy to assist you on this.

Terry: k

Jerriz G.: Just to clarify, you want to know if we have discounts for reserve price fee if you are a store owner. Is that correct?

Terry: Not discounts NO FEES for reserve listings other than basing the insertion fee on the reserve price rather than the starting bid amount.

Jerriz G.: If I understand you correctly, you want to know the reserve price fee for stores owners. Is that correct?

Terry: There is no schedule on the store fees page for reserve fees. I assume this means there are no reserve fees for store owners.

Jerriz G.: I see. While I check on this, is there anything else I can assist you?

Terry: Nope

Jerriz G.: Okay. I’ll just need two to three minutes while I check on this. Is that okay with you?

Terry: k

Jerriz G.: Thanks! By the way, it’s great to see that you’re one of our Power Sellers and Top Rated Sellers on the site. We certainly appreciate you doing business with us.

Jerriz G.: I apologize for the wait. For store owners, the fees for reserve price and insertion will be the same as non-store owners. Final value fee discounts are available for store owners.

Terry: Thanks for answering my question.

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