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Dealing With Buy It Now Harassment

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I’ve got a scenario I want to throw at you……This concerns eBay’s “Buy It Now” feature. An eBay seller lists 6 pages of auctions. Some other Ebay member, for whatever reason, decides to use the Buy It Now option on well over 60 auctions with no intention of paying.

Leaving the seller stuck with listing fees on auctions that don’t result in sales. EBay and PayPal both refuse to help but eBay still wants their fees paid.

Any suggestions?

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I had this problem a few years ago with some yahoo. I’d list fifty items in a buy it now auction and the guy would buy all fifty of them, then block my emails. Every time I’d list new auctions, he’d buy all my items again with a different eBay ID.

It is harassment pure and simple.

I’d get the end of auction fees refunded by eBay and then relist the items just to have the yahoo do it again. If I listed five auctions for fifty items each, he’d buy all 250 items.

Finally I got tired of it, and didn’t list for a few weeks and the yahoo found someone else to harass.

My recommendation is to politely ask eBay to reverse your listing fees on the new auctions. I’ve had eBay reverse listing charges on a few items over the years. Be polite and explain the problem. It is obvious someone is abusing the system, and eBay may give you some latitude. If you are a PowerSeller and can call an eBay rep on the phone, do so. Otherwise just send an email.

The second thing you can do is make potential bidders get permission from you before bidding. This is done by limiting buyers to Pre Approved Bidders only. This will cost you sales, but after a few weeks, the yahoo will move on and you can remove the requirement. This is a better option than not running auctions at all.

A third thing you might try is listing with a different user ID. If he is hassling you, maybe he won’t bother auctions he thinks are being run by someone else.


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