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Can You Use Pictures On eBay Without Resizing Them?

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I’m wondering if there is a way to take pictures without having to resize them? I’m asking the question because I waste a lot of time resizing my pictures before I put them on eBay. And, I think that I put to many pictures on my auctions. By the way, I’m a French Canadian, but you probably noticed it already :) .

I love selling on eBay, but I think that I’m losing too much time placing my auctions. Presently I’m looking to see if I would save time using Turbo Lister. So far when I get to place 5-7 auctions a day I’m happy… and I’m working a lot to do that… If you get a minute, check my auctions that I placed today … 12 of them, but I took at least 12-14 full hours to do that
:( ..

Hoping to get news from you.

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Many eBay sellers use pictures without resizing them. I think they would get higher bids if they cropped and resized their images.

Cropping is easy. That’s just cutting out the area around the item your selling so the picture is focused.

Resizing the images is easy if you use a batch resizer. I crop my images off the camera card and saved them to a folder on my hard drive. Then I go into that folder, and batch resize them into a second folder.

During the batch process, I make them all the same size – about 500 by 500, and strip out unneeded pixels so the image size in KB is under 70KB.

How To Add Free Pictures To eBay.

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