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Can You Put An Opt In Form For An Ezine In An Auction?

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Have you written any updates to your ebook Prospecting on eBay? The reason I ask is because something I read in one of your sales letters or articles made it seem like you wrote it awhile back.

Also instead of sending visitors to the about me page can you just have an optin box where they can opt in for additional information or a free report?

Basically, what I would like to do is sell an ebook or report where it can be delivered digitally and acquire leads of individuals who are looking for a legitimate work from home opportunity.

I have never sold anything on ebay so I’m just wondering if something like this is possible these days without too much hassle? And what kind of volume you think I could produce if what I offer is good quality with respectable copywriting.

By the way, great articles packed with lots of useful information.

Thanks a lot and thanks for your time.


James Nestor

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The Prospecting On eBay book was last updated in May 2011. There hasn’t been any significant changes to ebay’s rules to require an update.

You cannot put an opt in form into an eBay auction. Some people do this, but sooner or later eBay will notice it and tell you to stop. You’ll have to run them through your me page to a website with an opt in form.

Do people search on eBay for Biz Opps? If there are buyers, you should be able to put together a simple report and sell it as a lead generator.

The Prospecting On eBay report shows how to do this. The interview with Sydney Johnston on Adding Backend Sales To Your eBay Sales also explains this concept.


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