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Can I transfer feedback from one eBay account to another?

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I am contemplating opening up a new eBay account for the purpose of selling items for the Desert Division as a fund raiser. Do you know if there is a way to transfer my feedback rating to a new account so we wouldn’t be starting with a rating of zero?


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You cannot transfer some of your feedback. All or none, and I think you have to cancel the first account.

You can do two things:

First – mention in the auction who you are, your other eBay user name, and why you’ve created a new account. Even after you get some feedback, you should leave that statement in there because it builds credibility.

Second – Tell the club members to buy items on eBay in the newsletter. Sell something cheap. There are enough members outside this area to get some sales, and some feedback. If you’re selling something for ten dollars, the shipping and handling will cover the ebay fees.

You’ll need ten feedbacks to do a fixed price listing with multiple items. Or you have to pay five dollars to get verified.

Some people recommend buying cheap items to build feedback. I usually use an eBay account for buying and a different account for selling. Then when the buying account gets 50-100 feedback I use it for selling.

One other note here. I know the club is a non profit. Did you know eBay lets charities sell for free? They don’t charge any fees except PayPal. If you go through the non profit registration process, eBay will add a non profit statement to the top of your listings. I’d concentrate on that rather than the feedback. It’d save you money, and mean it wouldn’t cost you to have members buy on eBay and pick the items up at the club meetings.

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Information on Setting Up An eBay Account or Two


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