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Can I Block An eBay Bidder After He Bids?

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Jenny asks, I was looking at the feedback of bidders on an eBay auction and found one I don’t like. He’s left negatives for many sellers because they communicate poorly. I don’t want to get a negative from this bidder if he wins my auction. What do I do?

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You can cancel bids on your listing using this form. You can block him from bidding again on this eBay page.

While we’re talking about checking bidders while an auction is running, I think this is a poor use of your time for two reasons.

  1. You don’t know who will end up winning the auction so looking at bidders is nothing more than entertainment. Just looking at some of my recently completed listings it is rare for anyone who bids before the last day to win an auction. (About 60% of my winning bidders are snipers because they bid in the last 2 minutes!)

  2. Even worse, if you cancel a bid where the bidder would have come in second, you’ll loose money. I’ve had auctions where the spread between the second and third place bidders was hundreds of dollars.

I personally don’t look at feedback unless a buyer becomes a problem. I used to look at the bidding on my auctions all the time, but now I’ve learned to trust that I’ll find bidders and just let the system work.

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