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Any Tips For Selling Ebooks On eBay?

I’ve heard much talk about selling ebooks on eBay. I like the idea of having no products to ship, and being able to sell the same thing over and over again. Can you give me some tips?

Kevin M.

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Most of the ebooks you see on eBay are for lead generation. They aren’t profit centers. They are introductory products designed to build a newsletter list.

The real money comes from the newsletter, not the eBay buyers.

Here is a longer response to two questions about writing and selling ebooks on eBay written in May 2012.

Also see Building A Newsletter List On eBay.


Added: Since this question was submitted, eBay changed their rules so you can no longer sell ebooks on eBay. Here’s an article on Overcoming eBay’s Digital Download Prohibition

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