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An eBay Selling Checklist?

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I have never sold on eBay but I am a registered user. I need help in simply getting started – - – the first “baby” steps.

I’ve read and read ebooks and articles over and over. But I have yet to see (or maybe I missed it) the exact steps you go through to place your first item up for bid.

I don’t want to do anything wrong just because it’s my first time. I want to be able to at least start out right but I do know I will make mistakes as I learn.

How do you go from reading the “how to start” to actually starting? Something like a very simple check list?

Corinne Larimore

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There is an outline of every step in the eBay listing process at:

eBay Selling Summary

There is also a free book on Getting Started on eBay on this site.

I suggest you gather 15 items you don’t want — things you’d throw away or give to a thrift store, not valuable items — and list them on eBay. Just go around your home gathering up stuff in a plastic laundry basket. You want small things.

Try to list all 15 items in under two hours. If eBay offers you an option and it costs money, decline it. Use eBay’s picture service for your first picture. You probably won’t need more than one picture anyway.

I call this my Speed Listing Exercise. The idea isn’t to get maximum prices on the items, it’s to build some momentum by selling unwanted items. This way you lower the chance a mistake will cost you money

If that old toaster in your garage sells for a few dollars, or doesn’t sell at all, you’ll still have learned how to list items on eBay.

Once your eBay selling skills are up to the task, you can sell more expensive items.


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