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Adding Photos To Your eBay Auctions

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I don’t know if you answer your emails but I have a question.
I ordered the Auction Revolution and was excited about the host your own photo thing.

I went surfing and found several sites that host your imaged for free. I’ve tried several and I can get 1 photo to go when setting up my page. That’s all. Can you tell me how to get the rest of them on the page?


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You’ll need to use html to insert images into your auction. It will look like this:

<img src=””>

<img src=””>

Each image must have a DIFFERENT name. Each image must have it’s own line of code like above.

The book explains this. Read the chapter over again.


PS The chapters from the Auction Revolution about hosting your own eBay images are available as a free sample at
eBay Images Made Easy

See also 23 Tips For Taking Better eBay Pictures and How To Add Free Pictures To eBay.

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