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What’s Irregular Package Mean?

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I’ve been receiving and enjoying your newsletter for some time now. I’m not sure if this is the kind of thing you would publicize, but as an eBay seller, this is important at least for you to know… I found (and reported) a bug on the sell your item form. That was about a week ago and eBay has still not fixed it.

The problem is with the domestic shipping (calculated option) fields, particularly the dimensions fields. It seems that if you do not enter the dimensions in the specific order Length, Width then Height the form automatically selects “Irregular Package” and thus shows potential buyers an erroneous shipping fee… – However, no matter what the order, the cubic inches remains the same…

For example, if I enter 10 x 3 x 3, the shipping charges are appropriate for the weight. (Let’s just say 6 ounces) However, If I happen to enter the dimensions as 3 x 3 x 10, the “irregular package” checkbox will end up as checked *AFTER* I click the “Save and Continue” button.

One does not even need to complete a listing to see this happen. Simply begin to create a listing entering a light weight and dimensions with the longest dimension NOT in the first field. Then, after clicking “save and continue” go back to edit the listing and you should see the “irregular package” box checked. If you proceed to list the item, an inordinately high shipping fee will show to potential buyers.

From one seller to another, just an FYI…

George Simon

PS Great newsletter!!!

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According to the post office, the side with the label goes up. The height is the distance from box top to the table it rests on, the length is the measurement of the side parallel to the bottom edge of the label, and the width is the measurement perpendicular to the label writing.

Like I’ve shown in this image:

However, if the label is put on differently, while the size and volume of the box doesn’t change, the measurements for the sides change. Here’s the same box with the label stuck on differently:

The first box will cost less to ship because it’s oriented the way the post office specifies. It’s not an eBay error, it’s a quirk in the new postal regulations.

Just putting the label on differently, can save you money on shipping.


PS I recommend using flat rate shipping charges in your auctions. Not necessarily the flat rate boxes, but rather a fixed amount you’ll charge all buyers. This makes it easier for buyers to understand the shipping costs, and will prevent buyers from seeing weird shipping costs.

PPS Here’s a Free eBay Shipping Calculator.

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