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The IWantCollectibles Mailbag contains questions sent in by my newsletter readers about eBay. This page has a list of the most recent questions. Just click on any question to see the answer. At the bottom of this column there is a search box so you can find answers to your questions, and instructions for sending in your eBay questions.

How do I stop eBay displaying listings from other sellers in my listings?

How do I refund extra postage to an eBay buyer?

How Do I Put A Big Picture In My eBay Auction Description?

How Do I Accept An Offer That Is Lower Than My Buy-It-Now Price For A Fixed Price Listing?

Are eBay Wanted Ads Worth Using?

What Do I Do When A Bidder Wants To Cancel Her Bid?

How Can I Tell How Many Free Listings I Have Left?

Can I Block An eBay Bidder After He Bids?

Should I use eBay Free Picture Service?

Should you start eBay auctions at 99 cents?

Ways Affiliates Can Promote The EBay Partner Network

Should I Use The eBay Shipping Calculator?

What Happened To Gary Hendrickson?

Do You Have A List Of Successul Drop Shippers?

What Do I Need To Sell On eBay?

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On eBay?

When Are Fixed Price Listings Cheaper Than Running An Auction On eBay?

Should I Have Different eBay Accounts For Different Categories?

Can I Sell my eBay Account?

Do I Need A Credit Card To Sell On eBay?

What’s the Value of eBay Seller Protection Emails?

Has Selling On eBay Become A Nightmare?

What Are The Most Profitable Items To Sell On eBay?

How Do I Find New Products To Sell On EBay?

How To Find Estate Sales?

Is eBay Becoming More Open to Small Sellers?

When do you decide something will not sell on eBay?

eBay Buyer Pickup Scam With PayPal

How do I get PayPal to tell me the shipping type?

How Do I Get Started Selling On eBay?

How To Format eBay Auction Descriptions

How To Relist My Item When An eBay Buyer Does Not Pay?

An eBay Selling Summary Or Outline Explaining Each Step?

Are eBay Product Sourcing Lists A Good Deal?

Is Bidding Behavior Changing On eBay

How Do I Motivate eBay Watchers To Bid?

How Can I Profit From eBay Auction Viewers?

Is It Worth Chasing The Final Value Fee Discounts eBay Offers When You List With Free Shipping?

Why Have Multiple eBay Accounts?

Why eBay Sellers Sell Below Cost

eBay Problems Blown Out Of Proportion?

An eBay Selling System?

When should an eBay seller leave feedback?

How Do I Decide If A Website Is A Real Wholesale Site?

Can I buy antiques by mail?

How do I learn about different antiques?

Advice for doing buying events

Can I Use A Blog To Promote My eBay Auctions?

What Is A Second Chance Offer On EBay?

Do eBay Store Owners Pay Reserve Fees?

How do I Cancel An eBay Listing?

How Do I Get Started Selling Stuff On eBay?

What Does PayPal Sending 1099 Forms To eBay Sellers Mean?

What’s the best size picture to use in my eBay auctions?

I Lost The Delivery Confirmation Number And Need To Prove The Package Was Delivered.

International Buyer Asks for Shipping To Freind in USA.

Can I Sell Ebooks on EBay?

Payment by Money Order Only Prohibited

Can I Contact My Previous eBay Buyers?

How Do I Host My Own eBay Gallery Images?

How Do I Respond To Negative Feedback?

Can You Give Me Information About Merchant Accounts?

What’s The eBay Tracking Software You Mentioned?

When Does It Make Sense To Have An eBay Store?

Any Tips For Selling Ebooks On eBay?

Can You Use Pictures On eBay Without Resizing Them?

What’s Irregular Package Mean?

How Do I Get Thrift Stores To Let Me Do eBay Consignment?

How Do I Limit eBay Searches To Certain Decades?

When Should I Use A Private Auction?

How Do I Create A Link To My Other Auctions?

eBay Phone Numbers

How Do I Add A Background To My eBay Auction?

Why Won’t My Limited Edition Sell On eBay?

Should I Incorporate My eBay Business?

Do I Pay Income Tax on eBay Sales?

Open An eBay Store or Build A Website?

Can I transfer feedback from one eBay account to another?

How does eBay associate accounts?

Example Of A Bad eBay Photo.

Do You Need Liability Insurance Covering The Items You Sell On Ebay?

Can You Put An Opt In Form For An Ezine In An Auction?

Adding Photos To Your eBay Auctions

Keeping Track Of Yard Sale Purchases For Tax Reasons

How Do We Find Out The Best Words To Use In Our eBay Titles?

Why Would A Seller Want To End His Ebay Auction Early?

Can You Recommend A Good Free Photo Editing Program?

How Can I Compete With Low Priced eBay Sellers?

Can I Add Buyers To A Newsletter List?

Hosting eBay Images on Yahoo

How Do I Write An Ebook?

Dealing With Buy It Now Harassment

Using PayPal With More Than One eBay Account

Optimising eBay Auctions For Search Engines Like Google

An eBay Selling Checklist?

Wow Your Buyers With Proper Packaging

Does eBay Have Slow Seasons?

Taking PayPal, But Not Credit Cards

eBay Seller Doesn’t Deliver Purchase

Hosting Your Own eBay Images

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