eBay Sellers:

Do you feel like you're not getting high enough prices on eBay?
Are you tired of competing based on price?
Are you settling for lower prices in your auctions?
Are you relying on luck rather than skill to get bidders excited about your eBay listings?
Are your eBay listings lost in cluttered search results?

If you've answered yes to even one of the questions above this new report will help you get higher prices on eBay.

You have mastered the basics of selling on eBay... You know how to take great pictures... You know how to list items with simple descriptions... In the past this was good enough.

Today this is no longer enough.

Almost any eBay search will prove this point.

10 years ago there were hundreds and in some cases thousands of listings on eBay for a specific search. Today there are thousands and even tens-of-thousands of listings for most searches.

This means searchers have to wade through more listings to find your items.

To make the problem even worse, searchers are quicker to leave listings they click into... This means you have to work harder to capture their attention.

Here's the real reason people are
frustrated with selling on eBay today...

It's harder to stand out... It's harder to capture attention... It's harder to compete... Even if you're competing with idiots, the sheer volume of listings works against you.

The good news is you can do better. And, even more important, it's not very hard.

20 minutes spent learning how the eBay search system works will get more exposure for your listings.

A few hours spent learning some copywriting skills will improve your sales. Copywriting is salesmanship in print. It's using words to create desire.

While you can read copywriting books to learn better salesmanship, there's a faster way. Copywriting books are written for general audiences and aren't specific to eBay. This means you have to fill in between the lines.

In "How To Write EBay Descriptions That SELL" you'll learn techniques specific to eBay. Simple techniques that will help you get higher prices on eBay.

Here's what a reader said about the book:

Hi Terry,
Thanks very much for "How To Write EBay Descriptions That SELL." I am always able to get some pointers and good tips from you. I have bought other packages from you thus felt comfortable buying this package, I knew it would be quality material and the price was great too.

Best regards,
Brad Palmer

Here's what you'll learn:
  • How buyers search on eBay.
  • How eBay's search engine works.
  • The 2 things you must do to make sure your items aren't completely removed from the search results pages. (You didn't know eBay suppresses some listings? They do, and this might be hurting your sales.)
  • The importance of keywords.
  • How to quickly find the best keywords for your items.
  • How to construct a keyword loaded title so your listing is not only seen by more searchers, but results in more targeted bidders clicking into your listing.
  • Two reasons learning about your buyers will help increase your sales.
  • How to start defining unknown buyers.
  • How to get into your buyer's head so you are able to explain your item in a way he understands while building desire.
  • Seven quick questions you should answer in every listing to make sure you cover all your buyer's possible questions.
  • A simple 4 step process for describing any product.
  • The difference between a benefit and a feature. Why you should use benefits in addition to features when writing your descriptions.
  • How to use features to explain benefits.
  • How to talk to your buyers.
  • How to write a description that increases buyer desire.
  • The 6 parts of a well written auction description.
  • How to get your prospect emotionally involved in your listing.
  • Four easy steps to increase the chance of bidding wars driving your auction prices to surprising levels.
  • How to format your description so buyers can read the information they want without being distracted by other needed elements.
  • A complete explanation of how I construct my descriptions and my listing template.
  • 13 common eBay selling mistakes, and how to overcome them.

But Wait There's MORE!

Along with the ebook, you'll also get a bonus interview with a copywriter about how he writes his eBay auction descriptions. A copywriter's job is to explain things, and he does a great job of explaining how he researches and writes his eBay listings.

Reading the book and the bonus interview will help you do a better job of explaining your items, and increase your profits.

It Gets Even Better. . .

You won't risk a penny either. Because I will back you with a. . .

60 Day 100% Money Back
"No Questions Asked" Guarantee!

Order "How To Write EBay Descriptions That SELL." Read it, learn from it, use what you learn for 8 whole weeks (60 long days). If you aren't convinced this is everything I promised... then I insist you send me an email... and I will rush you a refund of every penny of the purchase price.

At only $17.00, you'll recover your investment with just a few auctions.

This are PDFs. After paying, you'll click on the "return to merchant" link to come back to this site and download the materials. You can read them on your computer, or print them with your printer.


PS Reading the book and the bonus interview will help you do a better job of explaining your items, and increase your profits.

PPS Earlier I said reading copywriting books is a great way to improve your selling skills. I strongly suggest you get some copywriting books. But remember, the books you'll read about copywriting aren't written specifically for eBay sellers. This package is for eBay sellers, and contains information specific to eBay.

PPPS You also get my no questions asked 60 day guarantee. Buy the book and the interview, read them, learn from them, and if you're unhappy with the material for any reason, send me an email within 60 days and I will refund your money.
"Terry is the single best source I've found to keep myself out of trouble and into profit with the never ending changes on eBay."
Dave Bross

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