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Are eBay Wanted Ads Worth Using?

Suzy writes, Terry I see eBay has a section where I can post wanted ads for things I’m looking for. Does this work? Is it worth my time to post a wanted ad on eBay?

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What Happened To Gary Hendrickson?

Hi Terry,

I’m trying to contact the web site of Gary Hendrickson.

He wrote an ebook on selling books on half.com that I am
interested in. I had his offer on my favorites file but it was some
time ago.

Please advise — I will appreciate it. — Johnnie Price

* * * * *

Do You Have A List Of Successul Drop Shippers?

Hi Terry,

I find your articles quite fascinating and well researched.

I am a collector of bank notes (Indian) and have started selling duplicates on ebay.in. I also buy them and resell to finance my collection.

The recent article on drop ship sales on ebay has got my mind thinking. I’m not looking for any great, instant success stories, just something to keep me busy. I wonder if you have a list of drop ship sellers who can be approached or their site visited to understand this line better.

Thanks, and keep sending those emails


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What Are The Most Profitable Items To Sell On eBay?

John asks, “What are the most profitable items to sell on eBay?”

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How Do I Find New Products To Sell On EBay?


First and foremost, you are awesome and your information is priceless. I, for one, will always read your newsletter.

I do have a question as per YOUR request:

There has been many subjects written on the subject of finding a product line and/or niche market and using one of the wholesale supply directories to drop ship them. It just seems that the other sellers on eBay have lower priced sources.

My question is, do you have or know of a REAL resource that can actually walk one through the entire process once of finding eBay products?

Terry, can you guide us as to what/where and how to go about finding products to sell on eBay??

Thanks and God Bless,

* * * * *

How To Find Estate Sales?

Terry, I have your book on getting into estate sales early, but have problems finding the sales. Can you give me some tips on finding estate sales?


* * * * *

How Do I Get Started Selling On eBay?

I am new in eBay business and have just registered. I am stuck because I do not know what is next or what is expected from me to move to the next step.

I want you to be my mentor and take me step-by-step in the new business until you see that I have identified the best items from ebay listing for relisting, how to list and categorise the items, how to set prices, how to sell at the very best prices, and how I will be paid without spending a penny.


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Are eBay Product Sourcing Lists A Good Deal?

Debbie asks:

I recently purchased your Auction Revolution. The information is great! I am eager to get started but how do you find true, good quality wholesalers as no one is going to reveal their sources?

This is my only set back, where to find quality wholesale products with an unlimited supply that not a million people are selling. I seem to be stuck at this point, what do I sell, where do I find products?

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Why Have Multiple eBay Accounts?

Jim Armstrong writes:

I do have one question. In the Auction Revolution, you said you do not use the same eBay accounts as buyer and seller, but didn’t say why. I’m curious.

Why do I need 2 eBay accounts?

* * * * *

Why eBay Sellers Sell Below Cost

I got a question last month from a reader who wanted to know why
people are selling things on eBay below cost.

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How Do I Decide If A Website Is A Real Wholesale Site?

Jena asks, “I’ve heard there are many fake wholesale sites online. What do I look for on a website to determine if they are a real wholesaler or manufacturer?”

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Can I buy antiques by mail?

Hey. I don’t know if you cover this on your site but i have a question that has been nagging at me for sometime now. HOW do I advertise and buy Antiques from people through the mail? what if i wanted to buy from people out of state? Not through ebay or auctions but straight from the people. like say if i saw something on craigslist or advertised that I buy antiques and they got in touch me? How would that work? Xause that would open many opportunities for me.


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How do I learn about different antiques?

Terry, You say to specialize but buy ALL antiques you can. The profit is in the BUYING not the SELLING of antiques. How do I learn about different antiques?

* * * * *

Advice for doing buying events

Nate asks,
“Have you ever conducted a TRAVELING BUYING EVENT to buy antiques?”

* * * * *

Any Tips For Selling Ebooks On eBay?

I’ve heard much talk about selling ebooks on eBay. I like the idea of having no products to ship, and being able to sell the same thing over and over again. Can you give me some tips?

Kevin M.

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How Do I Get Thrift Stores To Let Me Do eBay Consignment?

Filed under:

I read your ebay consignment e-book. I’m finding a lot of good information in it.

I like the idea of going into Thrift stores to sell their items. My wife brought up an interesting question. If I list an item to sell for them, I’m assuming they would have to take it off the shelf so it won’t sell while it’s being listed. My concern is that they may not like the idea, especially if it doesn’t sell while listed, seeing that they may had the opportunity to sell it while it was listed.

Any ideas on how to handle that? Does ebay let you remove an item if it sells to someone else while it’s listed, thinking the store may want to leave the item on the shelf?

Thanks for any answer,

John Smargiassi

* * * * *

Why Won’t My Limited Edition Sell On eBay?

Hi Terry,

Three times now, I have tried to sell a small statue, exquisitely carved out of marble and resin, of the famous baseball player…Ty Cobb. I’ve written about him, I used an audio story and ofcourse the promotional sales copy. NOTHING!

The statue cost me $175.00 so I can’t sell it for less. It is numbered, museum packed with a framed letter of authenticity…so this is not junk…and will increase in value over time.

Someone told me that classy stuff doesn’t sell on eBay but this is Baseball Memorabilia! I simply don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Any advice?

Thanks much,

* * * * *

Keeping Track Of Yard Sale Purchases For Tax Reasons

Filed under:

Hi Terry,

My question is mundane & boring – sorry! BUT it’s an important detail.

My wife & I get a lot of the goods we sell on eBay from Garage / Yard / Estate / Tag Sales. For the tax man the cost of purchase is a legit deduction, but you need to have proof of purchase. Sometimes an estate sale is run by an auction company, and will provide receipts, but most are “home” run and do not. If you ask for a receipt, or pull out your own book an ask for a signature, you can get a really cool reception. Some won’t do it at all.

Any suggestions? Is there a better way to do it that still satisfies the IRS?


* * * * *

How Can I Compete With Low Priced eBay Sellers?

I have built up an eBay business over the last year selling baby items. I also sell baby jewelry and a particular brand of diamond baby jewelry. However there is one seller who lists loads of the same jewelry very cheaply – I can’t imagine she is making any money as she lists loads at a time very cheaply and I know the wholesale cost.
Anyway because she is so cheap buyers go to her

Any suggestions as to what I can do to poach these buyers


PS. Although I am in England many of the principles you teach can equally apply here and I have learnt a lot from you.

* * * * *

How Do I Write An Ebook?

I would like to find out how I can create an ebook that I can put on my web site and that people can click to download the actual ebook.


* * * * *

Should You Specialize In One Type Of eBay Product?

Filed under:

I receive your newsletter and it is very helpful, and I have a question! I have been selling on eBay for about 3 months now. I have sold stuff I bought from garage sales. My question is do I specialize in one thing? If so what if you don’t know what to specialize in?

I have sold a few old books that brought in a good profit. But when you deal in antiques and collectibles there is too much to know about it all and that is a lot. Or is it profitable to sell NEW from wholesalers? I sure need some guidance.

Can you help?

Thank you in advance.

Have a great day,

Linda Straiko

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